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Linux operating system supports dual-boot technique and thus lets you install another operating system on the same machine. This method is helpful if you need to use features of two operating systems. However, in some situations, this arrangement may make your system unbootable and inaccessible. This behavior makes your significant data inaccessible and lead to data loss. In such situations, you need to use Linux data recovery solutions to get your precious data recovered.

When you start your Linux machine, the very first thing that occurs is hardware initialization. After this, GRUB loads from Master Boot Record (MBR) of hard disk based on the configuration.

You may see boot menu showing all operating system in the list from that you can start system or initialize Linux kernel. In case you do not observe such behavior, the problem can be related to MBR or GRUB. In such situations, you may need to format the disk and perform data recovery Linux.In a practical scenario, you may fail to boot your Linux based computer when you install the Windows operating system on the same machine. This behavior makes all your precious data inaccessible from Linux disk.

Root of the problem

This problem usually occurs if the MBR gets overwritten. It makes your Linux system unbootable. The problem may occur when you install Windows operating system on a disk that has Linux operating system already installed.


Try the following recovery methods to fix this problem-

Boot your system using Linux Rescue CD or installation disk. Enter the disk and use the following command on boot prompt-

root=/dev/hdXX. Here ‘hdXX’ is boot partition of the disk.

Format the hard drive and reinstall the Linux operating system. This behavior removes all your significant data from the drive and thus requires Ext2 recovery to be fixed.

Restore your valuable data from the most recent backup. It is the best Ext3 recovery method. However, you must have an updated backup to ensure absolute recovery.

Use Linux data recovery software. The Ext4 recovery applications are capable of fixing all data loss situations.

Linux recovery software helps you thoroughly scan entire hard drive and extract all your valuable data from the hard drive. They are totally safe and easy to use with read-only nature and simple user interface.



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